Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Carpenter's Star Wall-Hanging and a few Pictures of Appalachia

A Mountain home in Appalachia (on top of East River Mountain)

NOTE: click on all the photos to make them full sized for better viewing

Well, y'all will have to forgive me (I hope you do) because I've forgotten to post the most recent quilting I've completed! But I'm not TOO late, so here are some photos of a wallhanging called The Carpenter's Star. I've included some of the progress, and then the finished pieced top. My husband has since quilted it in the pattern "popcorn" but I won't post a photo of it until it is bound as well. We had to send off for more fabric, sadly, as the pattern was misleading and we didn't buy enough!

This is the middle, the actual star. It looks 3D in person.

This was a corner of it with the second border. I used all batiks to make the star, and then used the same fabrics to make a pieced border. Then I used this Japanese fabric which will also be the same used on the border (because the store ran out of the last border, which is what I wanted to use orginally)

This is the middle border fabric that I will also use for the binding.

This is the final, widest border, also a Japanese fabric. This is the fabric that the store ran out of (we got it at Quilting Essentials in Salem, VA where Pat and Bernie are the VERY friendly owners! Visit them if you get a chance) You can tell why they ran out -- very pretty. It, like the previous fabric, has gold accents.

The border, sewn on and ready to be quilted.

Completed! YAY! And David said it was perfectly square on the machine. YAY again!

And here are a few late autumn Appalachian photos taken from our area,
 for your enjoyment :)

This was the area in which the Lassie movie made in the 1990's was filmed

Look how green the grass is? It stays brilliant like this- beautiful!

This one was taken through our front door (Ignore the doggie nose prints, please!). I made the quilt on the rocker, as well.
David and I have matching rockers we got this summer and LOVE them

Proof of using Quilts to decorate! This is covering a window that opens onto our porch. Because of its location, we have always kept the blind shut. We have the quilt (Jacob's Ladder, my very first quilt ever) hanging over the blind. It has significantly cut down on the cold air that comes through the window panes as well as adds interest to the room.

Thanks for reading and looking at my pictures!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful quilts and pictures of the countryside! Have you had snow?

  2. The quilts are gorgeous! Loved looking at ALL of the photos. Thanks

  3. Thanks, Diane and Stephanie! I have so many more to post, I just need to get TO it... I'm sure you know how it is, and this season doesn't lend itself to spare time, does it?

    We have had a bit of snow a few days ago, about 3", and more expected next week. The first snow only lasted two days, but it was so pretty.