Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Work in Progress (WIP)

I've been trying to get a quilt bound that I've finished earlier this year. I keep forgetting to bind it! It is for a friend who fell in love with it -- Carole in GA -- she really loved the fabric and colors so instead of putting it up for sale, I decided to gift to her. She is a dear, as she has been very patient! (Although it will get cooler down there in Georgia eventually! LOL!)

Here are some photos from it. The fabric is really very pretty and both have a shiny gold in it. I love this quilt myself-- maybe that's why it is hard to part with! :) I thought of Carole as I pieced it , and also while I bind it. A few prayers always go up for her as I sew.

Remember to click on the photos once or twice if you want to see them enlarged...

Before I had sewn it together...

My first two rows...

Before it was quilted... Here is Tulip Garden!

I'll post a photo of it after it is bound and washed, and you can then see the quilting (I think it was quilted using "Crazy Puzzle" as the pattern). Hopefully it won't be long from now! Watch this space *grin*

Quilts From My Past

I'll be posting some photos of Quilts I've done in the past.  I want to share photos from the last four years that I've made, and my husband has quilted. He has a webpage, if you're interested in seeing it: Anchorage Quilting Services  It is going to be undergoing some changes in the next week or two, but you can see some of what he does. Some of the links aren't working, so we have to get on that.

So, on with the photos! As always, you can enlarge them by clicking on them once or twice:

This is a Virginia Tech quilt that I made for my daughter. She is CRAZY for VT! She lives in a group home now, and her entire room is done in Virginia Tech colors and items. This was her Christmas gift last year. It is shown on a queen sized bed, but her bed is a twin.

This shows the fabric a little closer. I nearly went blind working on it! :) This was taken before it was quilted.

Here it is after David quilted it, and I bound it by hand. He used the pattern "Spring Thing"

Here's the back of the quilt, after it was washed. "Spring Thing" looks good on the back! We always use muslin on the backs of our personal quilts.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Blog!

It's true, I've joined the Blogging world. I've had an online journal for many years, but I've decided it was time to have a quilting blog, where I can keep track of the quilts I've done and share them with others.

My husband and I both are professional quilters, though I generally quilt for my own enjoyment (gifts and for our own household). My husband, on the other hand, is what is commonly known as a Long Arm (LA) Quilter (even though our machine is an old workhorse short arm with absolutely NO bells or whistles!). He takes in quilt tops from people in the area as well from all over the country. I'll be sharing photos of both of our work.

I am currently working on a Carpenter's Star wall hanging. I have two more borders to add. Here is what I'm working on (you can enlarge all pictures by clicking on them)

The "star" is made of batik fabric, which I love! I have joined the craze for batiks, and not far from our area is the Sew What store. That's where http://www.batiks.com/  is located, so I am a lucky girl! However, I don't get to visit there very often.

You see, I am disabled and not able to leave my house very often because I am in need of a ramp for my motorized chair. Sadly, it will cost $16,000 to build it on this steep mountainside, so that won't happen very soon, I'm afraid. But I got the fabric for this wall hanging at Quilting Essentials in Salem, VA during a trip during the summer.

This is the fabric for the thin border (1.25") that went on next. I love this fabric!

Here it is after I put it on.

My husband just finished quilting a top for one of his co-workers. I don't know what the quilt top pattern is called, though I know it is all piecing. Here is a photo of the quilt:

The pattern that he used (a pantograph) is called "popcorn" and it is one of my very favorites. It is especially great if the fabric isn't pre-washed (I never pre-wash) and the quilt is washed when finished. It looks so old fashioned!

Close up of the front

Close up of the back.

Hope you'll come back and check on me here. I'll be quilting.... and adding photos of quilts I've already finished as well as new ones as I go along. So glad you were here to visit. Do let me know you were here by leaving a comment!