Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Work in Progress (WIP)

I've been trying to get a quilt bound that I've finished earlier this year. I keep forgetting to bind it! It is for a friend who fell in love with it -- Carole in GA -- she really loved the fabric and colors so instead of putting it up for sale, I decided to gift to her. She is a dear, as she has been very patient! (Although it will get cooler down there in Georgia eventually! LOL!)

Here are some photos from it. The fabric is really very pretty and both have a shiny gold in it. I love this quilt myself-- maybe that's why it is hard to part with! :) I thought of Carole as I pieced it , and also while I bind it. A few prayers always go up for her as I sew.

Remember to click on the photos once or twice if you want to see them enlarged...

Before I had sewn it together...

My first two rows...

Before it was quilted... Here is Tulip Garden!

I'll post a photo of it after it is bound and washed, and you can then see the quilting (I think it was quilted using "Crazy Puzzle" as the pattern). Hopefully it won't be long from now! Watch this space *grin*

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