Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Blog!

It's true, I've joined the Blogging world. I've had an online journal for many years, but I've decided it was time to have a quilting blog, where I can keep track of the quilts I've done and share them with others.

My husband and I both are professional quilters, though I generally quilt for my own enjoyment (gifts and for our own household). My husband, on the other hand, is what is commonly known as a Long Arm (LA) Quilter (even though our machine is an old workhorse short arm with absolutely NO bells or whistles!). He takes in quilt tops from people in the area as well from all over the country. I'll be sharing photos of both of our work.

I am currently working on a Carpenter's Star wall hanging. I have two more borders to add. Here is what I'm working on (you can enlarge all pictures by clicking on them)

The "star" is made of batik fabric, which I love! I have joined the craze for batiks, and not far from our area is the Sew What store. That's where  is located, so I am a lucky girl! However, I don't get to visit there very often.

You see, I am disabled and not able to leave my house very often because I am in need of a ramp for my motorized chair. Sadly, it will cost $16,000 to build it on this steep mountainside, so that won't happen very soon, I'm afraid. But I got the fabric for this wall hanging at Quilting Essentials in Salem, VA during a trip during the summer.

This is the fabric for the thin border (1.25") that went on next. I love this fabric!

Here it is after I put it on.

My husband just finished quilting a top for one of his co-workers. I don't know what the quilt top pattern is called, though I know it is all piecing. Here is a photo of the quilt:

The pattern that he used (a pantograph) is called "popcorn" and it is one of my very favorites. It is especially great if the fabric isn't pre-washed (I never pre-wash) and the quilt is washed when finished. It looks so old fashioned!

Close up of the front

Close up of the back.

Hope you'll come back and check on me here. I'll be quilting.... and adding photos of quilts I've already finished as well as new ones as I go along. So glad you were here to visit. Do let me know you were here by leaving a comment!


  1. I have Google Reader, so I added you! I'm going to email you a link to our new blog - but only if you promise to keep quiet until further notice! :D

  2. I love the quilts, you are both very gifted.

  3. A friend sent me the link to your blog and I'm smitten. I love finding new blogs to read, especially those written by women. I will add you to the list on my blog, The View From My Broom, and post something to introduce readers to you.

    My family is from the Missouri Ozarks. My aunts and grandmother were/are quilters so I have a deep appreciation for quilts and some very old ones, too.

  4. David's humility comes from being British. Believe me, HE is the talented one!

    Stephanie, I am thrilled to have you here! Thank you for joining. I went to school in the Ozarks at a college now called College of the Ozarks for a couple of years (year-round school) so the Ozarks are dear to me. It was near Branson, MO, which wasn't as famous (and crowded!) as it is now. There are many similarities between the Ozark folks and the Appalachian people and culture.

    I've already joined your blog before I even saw that you had posted here.

  5. I have family near Branson, though most of them are from Dade County. They passed through the Appalachians on their way to MO before the Civil War. I have a Sun Bonnet Girl quilt top that my great-grandmother pieced and I need to get it made up into a quilt for my granddaughters. So far I've been reluctant to turn it over to anyone to quilt and bind.

  6. I'm not surprised about the fact that they passed through here on their way to MO. So many similarities, even the landscape to a certain degree.

    I can completely understand your reluctance. It's a scary thing to do! We once quilted (David did) and bound (me) a quilt that was over 100 years old for someone. I have pictures which I'll post soon. That quilt got the kid-glove treatment, let me tell you! (well, they ALL do, but that one was REALLY special!)

    Do you have pictures? I'd love to see them!